Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some Quick Scenes from Blythe Manor, Fifth Floor Bedroom Added; Lilly Stakes her Claim

Just some quick pics before I fall asleep at my desk. On Jolene (V-Smash), gold crocheted hot pants from grrrliedesigns on etsy, the lovely and published Zoe. Red Blythe Dressing Room Tights and a Barbie camisole and boots complete her look. In the house view, Jolene is wearing her Blythestation (etsy) skully hoodie.
Tuesday (Mondie) looks pensive in a Barbie T-shirt and Blythestation cords. Later, she's in the kitchen in her darling plaid school girl dress from Andrea of LaCrafi on Flickr or La Crafiteira of Brazil. Maggy (ADG #3) is also in the kitchen in her dotty dress from a TIB friend and her highly sought after Re-Ment frog boots, and Only Hearts Club frog from Carrie or Memeeps on Flickr.
Lilly (StarD) is in her new blue boudoir, having "borrowed" Violet's (French Trench) blue pj's. I did the bedding, wallpaper, etc., and the rocker is a pin cushion from JoAn Fabrics.
Blythe Manor is now five storys tall, and we have hit the wall, err ceiling. The house also sprawls sideways about six feet or about five rooms wide also. Lots of room for the girls to spread out!


willynillywaterlily said...

Aloha Lilly London,

Tag -- you're it! Come play 7 Random Facts with me. All you have to do is list 7 random facts about you just like I did. I would love to know more about you.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha! The girls' manor is growing quite quickly! That's so great! Love that Lilly has the penthouse apartment all to herself. :) She's the queen of the castle!

Morgan said...

Those frog boots are TO DIE FOR! I LOVE them!!! any details on where to find them?