Monday, February 25, 2008

Lilly Gets Tagged By Loovee

Okay, hello! Of course everyone wants to know all about moi; that's why I got tagged instead of mom by WillyNillyWaterlily's Loovee here I'm glad Loovee explained her name. Now I think I might know how to say it. I first heard of Loovee through my friends Molli and Zelda Poor Molli, having to put up with yet another sister, No Name Girl! She should try it around here at Blythe Manor with four sisters! It's about time I got some perks for being the oldest. That's why mom gave me a new bedroom all to myself on the 5th floor. It's soooo cool. Okay, like, here's seven random things about me. I'll try to keep it to seven. It'll be hard.
1. I totally love pizza. I'd eat it every night if mom would let me, and I wouldn't pick anything off, like Tuesday. She's a weenie. Maybe I can get someone to send some pizza and Diet Coke to the 5th floor right now. Mom!!!
2. I just love to shop, and yeah, I kinda like the designer logos. But, mom says good stuff lasts the longest. I wonder if she was talking about purses and shoes?
3. I have a bunch of pets: Mrs. Plumperbottom is a cat and also Lynx, Mynx, Stynkx and Jynx. Mom's cats are Larry and Lester. Larry ate my shoe once. Then he ate some ribbon and a pill and had to go to the hospital twice. I think Mrs. Plumperbottom is smarter. She doesn't eat anything. We have a couple dogs here, too, a Yorkie and a Chihuahua and a Maltese is coming.
4. I don't mind school work at all (don't tell), and I like arts and crafts, too. Mom says I might find a husband someday if I can cook, clean and sew.
5. Don't want no stinkin' husband! Unless he likes to shop. For me. With me. Or just wants to send me shopping. That's best.
6. I am stuck on 70s and 80s music. I know it's from back in the day, but that's what mom likes, and I guess I do, too. My mom's sorta geeky, but then she's kinda cool- she actually likes Hip Hop and stuff like Natasha Bedingfield, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Chris Brown.
7. I think I will be an interior designer when I grow up, or a fashion designer, or an artist. Wait, no, maybe a chef. Or, maybe I'll have a cute little shop for us Blythe girls....


Molli said...

Hi Lilly!

Since Loovee already tagged you, who in the world will I tag? Eeeps!

I love hearing about you and all your likes/dislikes. Especially the pizza part. I like pizza too. Almost as much as cupcakes!

Sorry we've been MIA lately! It's been so tough getting mom to keep up with everything! We don't know how your mom does it. :)


Unknown said...

You are very smart to not want a stinkin' Husband..LOL! I will add my post after my 100th.Thanks for the tag!


Sam said...

Hi Lilly,

Don't think us grown-ups miss out on the fun! I'd like to know more about your mommy, so I've tagged her.

I think she knows the rules, so I don't have to bother explaining them.

Tell her I look forward to seeing her 7 facts soon!

Sam :)

willynillywaterlily said...

Lilly London is just as sassy and smart as I imagined her to be! Her answers made me smile. Such attitude!

Loovee wants to say thank you so much for playing along with her!