Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's been so busy around here lately that I haven't had time to do proper thank-yous or proper introductions, so without further ado, big thanks go to Carrie, Memeeps on Flickr for the wonderful goodies from the Blythe in America swap, co hosted by LucysPostcardQuilts and myself.
Carrie was a thorough swapper and perused my pics and blogs to suss out that I had three Blythes, and she sewed them all darling matching pink and white dresses (shown above). She was aghast, although she needn't be, when she saw my latest Flickr pics and realized I had quickly acquired two more, a Mondrian and a V-Smash. She even apologized for not sending them Valentine gifts also, which is crazy. She had already gone above and beyond the call of Blythe swapping duty! We love all our gifts, and the girls can certainly learn to share!
So, although Mondie/Tuesday has been pictured here before, today is the official posting of the first pics of Jolene, a fiery redheaded V-Smash. I love her combo of red-orange hair and red-orange eyes, although of course like other Blythes, she has options! I am too chicken to do an eye chip change or they'd all have options. Only Violet, who came with custom violet chips, has anything non-stock about the eyes.
The girls are also posing above with some of the crocheted hats I've made with the pattern from Zoe Aarden's new book, Grrlie Designs, 22 Unique Crochet Patterns for Blythe, which I edited, and which is available on ebay, etsy and Blurb, or link below in my 1/31/08 post. You just gotta get it!


Anonymous said...

i love your dolls :)

Tizzalicious said...

Cute dresses! And cute dolls!

Unknown said...

Gina, You got some wonderful items there and I'm glad the swap went well! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Sandy xox

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina!

Thank you and Lucyspostcardquilts so much for organizing the Valentine's Day swap!

I was just incredibly stunned at the things that Lindsay sent us. She gave us so much more than we ever imagined!

Looks like you also had a wonderful swap! Memeeps is coming to the Atlanta meet in March, so it will be fun to meet her! I can't wait!

On the Barbie MJs... Gosh, I don't really collect them much. So Ebay and TIB are the only places I really see them. I'm sure that there are more places to get ahold of them. Best of luck! I know there are some colors that are just super hard-to-find! :)

Sorry about the clothing search. We do most of our clothing shopping online for the girls. It's just so much easier that way. :)

Take care and happy Valentine's day!!!

Linda, Molli, and Zelda (with an Aubrey joining us soon)

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh how fun! Thought I'd go back in your blog and see how exactly you get your girls to sit still for a haircut?