Saturday, April 19, 2008

A princess, a faerie and a sundae

Lots of happenings at Blythe Manor this week: Both Olivia Elaia Rose and Gwynyth Blythe arrived. They couldn't be more different. Gwynyth is a new ADG PWP, and if that's Greek to you, it means Ashton Drake Galleries Pow Wow Poncho. She is the ADG version of the previous redhead PWP from Kenner. ADG, the US Hasbro licensee, rushed to market this month with the remaining dolls from the original series of 12. There had been only three for a couple of years, and collectors had been clamoring for the rest. Some people feel the ADGs are somehow not as "Blythe" (or Blyce as my friend Tammy likes to say for some reason, as in "you're so Blyce") as the Hasbro Japanese-licensed Takara Tomy dolls. I have two ADGs and like them very much.
Anyway, GB/PWP immediately took off her poncho and slipped into something more comfortable-like head-to-toe vintage Skipper fashions from the 1960s. Her ensemble included the famous red velvet coat and purse as well as a red velvet and satin Skipper dress and black flats. I gave her a quick up-do since she looked so elegant. In case you are wondering, Lilly, my first Blythe and original blond, was seething. She is quite sure Gwynyth is a bottle blond.
Earlier in the week, Miss Olivia Elaia Rose London arrived from Hong Kong where she was known as Gentle River. Now she is thrilled to be named after her step-sister Elaia Tuesday. Olivia came with the most exquisitely detailed dress, smock and coat. The GR is a doll designed by a group of three friends, known as Team Sibley. They won the 2006 Blythe Fashion Show contest with their GR creation and were heavily-involved with Cross World Connection (CWC) in the creation of this doll. She was worth every penny.
Olivia has a forest/ecological mindset and quickly chose the olive-colored gnome hat by Miss Modular/Neuart of Spain on Etsy. She also put on the Dollsville maxi dress by Jooli, an underslip from Auntie Angela of Gemini Angel Art and she stuck her pocket kitty from Evon of VonVonz on Etsy, in her pocket for a walk in the woods.
Meanwhile, the cards and letters keep coming, including a fabulous "Sundae" hat by Rima of WillyNillyWaterLily Maggy put that on since it matched her pink Hello Kitty dress by Twinklies. These girls have a passion for fashion!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Your family is growing! Yay!!!

Constance Blythe said...

Hello, I'm so pleased to meet you all after your long journeys, hope you settle in quickly. I'm loving that vintage Skipper outfit it is sooo elegant.

willynillywaterlily said...

Omigosh! You have new editions! How lucky you are . . . and how lucky the new girls are to have moved into such a great home.

Thank you for taking a photo of the sundae hat and mentioning me. Maggy looks lovely in it. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I adore that red coat!

Morgan said...

I love that hat on your gentle river. It suits her perfectly!