Friday, April 11, 2008

Violet London, Travel Writer

Ms. Violet here, reporting from Nautical Watch in North Myrtle Beach, S.C. So much to see and do- perfect for Blythes of all ages! The spring weather is perfect also, about 80 and sunny everyday. Sunscreen would be a good idea to protect our shiny heads! Bug spray would also be good to pack. Auntie Angela wasn't kidding about sand crabs! Or, maybe it is the famous no-see-ums Mom told me about. Maybe it is bed bugs! Whatever it is, they bite! I mean, they bite! All the kids say stuff sucks, but Mom won't let me.
Our pool is really cold since it is unheated, but who needs that when we have an unheated ocean right out the front door. Actually, we don't have a front door, just patio doors and a deck, but big people can jump off that if they want (since it is the first floor).
We went to an outside park called Warbird Park. Who knew that planes were called Warbirds? Scary. I saw a plane that looked like a cute dolphin, but I think it was supposed to kill people. That's mean.
We went for a walk on the beach one night about 7 p.m. It was really pretty and a little chilly. I saw lots of big holes in the sand. I think big monsters live in them. It can't possibly be sand dollars or crabs or anything, because we didn't find one stinkin' shell. And shells do stink sometimes, Mom says.
I was so tired after all this, I had to get right into my Hello Kitty pjs from Effiedal Shop and get to bed! More adventures tomorrow! Soon, we will be heading home through North Carolina. Mom wrote all about that here You should check it out if you like neat little towns. Byeee!


Constance Blythe said...

This is so brilliant, just adore the first pic!

Tizzalicious said...

I love the first picture!