Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We Went to Battle Creek, But Not for Cereal!

Big adventure was had by all, well almost all of the girls as we made a road trip to 'Auntie Angela's http://geminiangelsart.blogspot.com for the Michigan Blythe Meet from the TIB Forum http://www.thisisblythe.com/forum. Angela was just as nice as we imagined, and her house and studio are a playhouse. The library! The pool! The theatre! The studio! I could gush for hours.
There were nine crazy women and 50 Blythes present, plus the assorted family members and one Oscar the Pug for good measure as well as Lati, Momoko, Dal, Sonny Angels, Petites and who knows what else.
We had such fun swapping and selling our Blythe goodies and also gift-swapping and eating some great food. Here's just a few pics from the adventures. From top to bottom: Gwynyth stayed home but got the Vintage Skipper Town Togs in the mail. 2. Zena (custom mohair) was a hit. She is unwinding from the trip with the latest issue of Blythe Bliss. We got her shadowbox and trinkets from the Pretty Placings Re-Ment set (seen in background) at the meet. 3. Hitting the road. 4. Photo shoot- 48 girls and two boys. 5. Auntie Angela's Dainty Biscuit Madison came home for the week to play and be Marie Antoinette for awhile. 6. Lilly in her very BoHo outfit made by Angela. 7. Violet in her H Loves R dress and hat we got at the meet from MandieLynn.
I think everyone had a great time. We're already talking about doing it again.


Tizzalicious said...

So many dollies! It sounds like a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

What fun! Glad you had a fabulous time! Great shot of all the dolls!


Constance Blythe said...

50 Blythes, I'm so jealous, what fun and I love, love, love Gywents outfit so much.

willynillywaterlily said...

Oh, the meet looked like such fun! You are so lucky to be able to meet with other Blythe - minded people.

Anonymous said...

How fun! What a fantastic turnout! And Angela was such a nice hostess. The pictures of the meet are just fab!