Sunday, August 31, 2008

Zena goes to Edward and Eternia's Wedding at ZNE

I haven't posted for awhile because the art world has taken over, but art and Blythe collided Aug. 22 when a Blythe meet took place at the ZNE Art opening luncheon Aug. 22 in Pleasanton, CA.
Zena wore her hippie-est Cali girl attire and was somewhat chilled out the entire trip. I am afraid the other girls were mad at her because she just couldn't get into the whole wedding thing. I think she is down on the institution of marriage.
Still, she admired the hard work of Miss Vicky, Jan Mollet Evans, Jackie Baxted, Deena Fricano, Donna Cook, Elena Etcheverry http://elena.travelingprincess.comand Diva Danielle http://www.divacraftlounge.comto pull the thing off. All the details can be found on Edward & Eternia's blog And I am a slow learner. That blog banner for E & E was made by the talented Sandy Michelle, an art and Blythe friend of mine, who has too many 'handles' for me to follow!
Elena is coordinating a charity raffle and silent auctionof dolls for a fund raiser for Autism Speaks, which ends Sept. 13. There are some great Pullip dolls donated by Scott from The Valley of the Dolls, so check it out at One of the dolls will be auctioned live at Crop Out Autism Sept. 13 in California.

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Unknown said...

Awwwww what fabulous wedding pix and how cool that Zena got to attend!!! Thanks for the plug! I am having a hard time keeping up with you too girl! You must have a body double..LOL!