Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On the road again...

I merely mentioned to the Blythes that one of them might get to go to Indiana with me for the holidays, and there was a flurry of activity in the wardrobe box. All four of them were changing clothes so fast their heads were spinning. Lilly, a Star Dancer, (top and bottom), a girl after my own heart, changed clothes at least three times, from vintage Skipper Town Togs to a Chanel T by rlkataja on Etsy, with Barbie denim skirt and knee-high go-go boots and a white down ski jacket with fur-trimmed collar from the TIB shop.

Maggy, ADG Princess Parfait, chose green cords with fur-trimmed bell bottoms and borrowed Lilly's stock poncho and hat along with a Coach purse. Bunny Velvet (ADG Roaring Red) went for comfort in a TIB shop A-line corduroy dress and a Twinklies Hello Kitty helmet to keep her unruly hair in check. Where are those wigs I ordered?

Zena, my bue mohair custom, was looking demure in the other part of the Twinkies Hello Kitty set with the HK dress, and a red blouse of unknown origin- off the rack, I guess. Not sure who's going. There's only one Sew Pixie carrier to go around, and Lilly always packs too much and loses her earrings. Why did I even mention it? *sigh*

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skinnytwig said...

wow, i totally love the hello kitty dress. :)