Saturday, July 31, 2010

Road Trip! A Blythe-cation

On July 23, FROG (still nameless) and I packed our goods and goodies and headed for all points west for a Blythe meet, Barbie exhibit, to create 'The Leesburg Blythe Hotel,' and a little R & R (ha!). No rest for the wickedly clever, right? We traversed, in order: Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia (again), Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Indiana, and in another week, we'll reverse most of that! Ugh.
Our first major destination was the 'Michigan Blythe Meet' at Gemini Angel's Art and Dolls in East Leroy, MI. There was outstanding attendance with 15-17 "real" people and 70+ dolls. Famous Flickr and Etsy names were there, some I was meeting for the first time and some for the second or third, like DeeBear, Mandylynn, Kookanoid, Sealion, Chrissy Snow/Unicornmine, Morganannie, Dolly Pops, Annearchy, Hello Jenny and more!
I think I was the last one to arrive, even though we had folks there from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Canada. The swapping, selling and buying was already underway, but I jumped right in and received some awesome swap gifts and made some great purchases. It wasn't until the end of the meet that I realized Chrissy Snow (Chris) had a Blythe for sale, a darling Sookie custom Disco Boogie with the cutest outfit and freckles. And at a reasonable price, she decided to come home with me. I believe she will be my tomboy, Phoebe. I'd like to spell it "Feeby" to match my 'Y'-ending names, but that's just too weird.
Angela, our hostess, had outdone herself in preparing her doll ROOM. No, not a dollhouse but a room full of dollhouses for the likes of Blythe, Petite Blythe, Strawberry Shortcake, Nikki and Odeco, Wonder Frog, Sun Spots, and I don't even remember what else! It was breathtaking! She even created a very detailed Outer Space photo backdrop and scene for our photo-snapping pleasure!
After a great carry-in lunch and lots of chat and photos, we set up the Blythe girls photo shoot outside, with 70 dolls on the steps of Angela's deck. There remained at least 25 dolls still inside, mostly Angela's. It was a beautiful weather day, and so fun with Angela's good sport husband, Art, her boys and Oscar the Pug.

My next stop was Lake Wawasee to pick up my niece, Abby, and have dinner with Abby's dad (my nephew), my daughter and her boyfriend, Kyle. We took a 20-minute pontoon ride to The Channel Marker. Then Abby came home with me for a few days of art, Blythe and fun. I gave her the Blythe, Abby, which I had named after her, along with some clothes and a travel bag, by Sew Pixie. Abby has since renamed her Blythe Rosalie.
On the last day of her visit, we went to The Indianapolis Children's Museum with our Blythes (and FROG) to meet Pistachio Libby and her daughter, Phoebe, and their Blythes for the Barbie retrospective exhibit. The pic above is in one window of the museum's gift shop, where we also spent some quality time.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should call FROG Lillah. I presume he/she is a girl judging by the scirt he/sshe is wearing on the photo and I think Lillah is Lovely name for a such a Lovely Frog. ^_^