Monday, August 2, 2010

And FROG says Hello

FROG, who remains nameless, could hardly wait for me to sew tiny snaps on the 1960s very vintage Tutti top, which he/she/it paired with Strawberry Shortcake tights and Azone shoes, snagged for us by Auntie Maggie at the International Fashion Doll Convention in Las Vegas in July.

I am thinking FROG will remain nameless because 1) the Blythes have names which must be remembered and kept straight. When one has a few Blythes, getting the right name out can be something like a grandma "calling the roll" when trying to call one of her children by name. Why do grandmas do that? Does yours? I know of a "BernDanMax" combo that comes out now and then, as well as a "JackPaulBruce," and then there's me--calling my cat Alex instead of my son.

And 2) since Vogue magazine refers to those of great taste as 'fashion arbiters,' FROG can just be a Fashion R-r-r-ibbiter Of (all things) Green. Makes perfect sense to me.

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