Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brigette comes to the Midwest

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Brigette was the lucky (?) Blythe who was selected to fly with me to Indiana for a week for my big 5-0 (ick) birthday with family. She's so adorable; how could I leave her behind? And in her new Skipper Pink Princess dress and coat and vintage shoes, she was ready to travel. My carry-on tote bag contained, besides the usual water and magazine, 1 Blythe, 1 Wonder Frog, 1 Poppy Parker, 1 Silkstone, 1 vintage Stacey and 2 Juicy Couture Barbies. I love to watch the face of the guy running the x-ray machine!
I have had good intentions of many photo shoots this week, some dolly sewing and repairs, reading Freedom (562 pp.), practicing embroidery, updating all my blogs (3), painting and cooking.
So far, I have managed a new haircut, re-connecting with friends on Facebook, flying to Nashville for a day and cooking two fave meals: meatloaf and turkey burgers. No dolly connection with that!


Kati said...

I love her pink hair!!!

Silvia cat said...

I've given you a lovely blog award. You can read about it here if you'd like to play. Congratulations!