Thursday, November 11, 2010

Joey's back! The making of a Frogumentary, and new scenes from Blythe Manor II

All this fun in one day! Of course, it is always fun when Auntie Maggie comes to visit. I wonder if my nieces and nephews say that about me? Auntie Maggie took home poor Joey, who has been traumatized too many times to count, to make her lovely blond Disco Boogie scalp and bob haircut a permanent fixture. Since Joey is a CCE with a funky dome, it was a tricky fit. Much work had already been done on poor Joey by the talented Pheisty also. However, Joey was looking babyish, although cutely impish, in a pink mohair Elfins skinny scalp, and I just feel this bob "fits" her better, even though it doesn't fit any better than the pink scalp did.
Then Aunt Maggie, and her photographer's assistant Holly Woods, as well as her Wonder Frogs, Butter Cup, Francie and Penelope came over to 'play Barbies' and film a little frogumentary called, "The Secret Life of Wonder Frogs."
Meanwhile, I added some more little touches to Blythe Manor II, and here's an update....


EuniceRoe said...

Omg I just found your blog and, I actually just got a Blythe that will be shipped tomorrow, and your blog is AMAZZZZZZING!!! It inspires me to do so much and she hasn't even arrived yet~!!!! I'll def be coming back here! And your frogs look like Mr. Pickles the japanese frogs if I am not mistaken. Anyways, LOVE LOVE Blythe manor and ur little princesses!

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh how cool!!!! Did you make the tiny Blythe boxes? And what a wonderful lot of minis you have!!! I so want to do this, but have to wait until after we move.... Marva