Monday, April 18, 2011

New girlies at Blythe Manor! Meet Poppy & Pixie

A very impromptu swap occured today when in-person Blythe friend Jen and I decided to swap a couple girls. We both had Blythes for sale and bills to pay (bah, humbug), but with no action on those fronts we made a little action of our own.

These beauties were called Ever, a blue-haired custom by My Poppies, and Sixx, done by Jen herself. I traded my new black mohair, called Piper by Amelie and created by Morgan Orton, as well as my Phoebe, a Sookie custom. I sure hope Jen is happy, because I am thrilled!

Ever will be known as Poppy and Sixx will be known as Pixie, or more fully, Pixie Sixx.

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