Monday, May 30, 2011

My love of Blythe and vintage not only extends to my great-niece Abby, shown here with her Blythe Rosalie (formerly my Blythe Abby) and her vintage suitcase collection, but it also extends beyond Blythe for me to vintage toys, vintage Barbie, Hello Kitty and stuffed animals.
I finally had a chance to snap a picture in my office of my (clearly former) bed with my stuffed animals. I didn't "try" to collect them; they just showed up. Kinda like cats. In fact, some are my children's childhood playthings, and I couldn't "bear" to part with them--like American Girl doll Samantha and Paddington Bear. And I think the Tommy Lion and the Target dog belonged to one of them before I claimed them.
Taking pride of place is Hello Kitty, as a Japanese wedding couple, made for McDonald's in 1999, and sent to me by my friend Rui of Tokyo. Rui customized Daisy and Yumeko.
And of course there's my porcelain doll head and small bisque Charlotte and Kewpie collection on my wall in Columbia. This little gem above will take her spot there soon.

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Minnie Kitchen said...

American girl too?? Wow!! great collection!