Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Blythecon Pics!

I think I'll be able to actually write about it after I post more pics. However, that is moi in the white jean jacket in the top photo (I hate getting my picture taken!). I'm sitting with in-person and some first-time in-person friends to my right--Lindsay (Ellewoods) my roommate for BC; Angela (Gemini Angel's Art & Dolls); Ruth (EuroTrash), Blythe Banner (?), and Phillaine. At the foreward table from left: Stacy (Tunibug); Sylvia (SylvieCola Dolls); Maggie (Momoko_girl_1/Blythe_Stole_My_Heart). Maggie has got to shorten that name!
Below that is Pommepomme's vendor table with Shershe (Sherry of Indiana) to the left. In the 3rd photo Keelie of Marmalade Forest in OR sells her "Hello My Name Is" nametags on the left and Rag Bag Designs (Sglahe and her mom) are on the left. I think I bought 5 dresses from them!
Below them, from left are GBaby (Gina), MinkiDynamite and Dolly Rockers vending clothes and eyechips. Last photo is just one of the many tables of participants' dolls- these dressed in vintage Skipper. You can see the outstanding centerpieces, too.


Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh how fun!!! I wish I could go one of these years!

Unknown said...

FUN! I hope I can go there one day!

Sandy xox

mueblesparablythe said...

BlytheCon looking information, I found your blog. It's fantastic. I'm from Spain and we will make one this coming year in Barcelona. We keep! hugs