Monday, July 18, 2011

Yumeko meets Ruiko

Yumeko meets Ruiko by Gina2424
Yumeko meets Ruiko, a photo by Gina2424 on Flickr.

A big Blythe mail surprise arrived last week from dear Rui in Japan: a Petite she had customized some time ago, which matched the full-size Blythe she had also customized.
I bought the large one from Obvious Zebra, having always wanted a girl with a brown bob haircut, especially the one I missed when she was first for sale on Ebay by Neroli!
Then, Rui suprised me by sending the Petite!
Blythe friends are so dear!
H Loves R full size dress with MSR collar and Takara boots.


Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh they're so cute! I think Punkaholic is my alltime favorite!!!

Betzie said...

What a sweet blog!!! I am now following. I just found this adorable doll having been a collector of German and china dolls for many years...suddenly I find "Blythe" and am hooked! Now to find my very first one! Any suggestions? Looked all day on ebay yesterday...well, it seemed like all day. LOL Love your customs and blog!