Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some new girls with attitudes!

They need names, and some need eye chip changes, but they've joined the club at Blythe Manor.


Heather said...

They're lovely! I especially love the one with green hair! That's so wild!!!!

Go Go Girls Tee Shirts said...

We love your girls! You can have a look to our Go Go Girls! xx


O. said...

i always have the hardest time with names. congrats on the new girls!!

elaineviba said...

I cannot seem to locate a contact email for you but I wanted to reach out to my fellow Blythe Sister.. I just created my very own blythe website and thought of you as I consider your site as one of my faves!

Would you mind if i add your banner to my site to share w/ the rest of the blythe community.

If so please send 125x125 to esmeimyblythe@gmail.com

my website is esmeimyblythe.com or esmeimyblythe.tumblr.com

it's gonna take awhile for me to build my friend list but I am a very patient person - i want to perfect it.. hope to hear from you soon.

thanks. Elaine J