Sunday, April 1, 2012

Insanely Sweet Jewelry is....Insanely Sweet!

In February and March 2009 I blogged about a Blythe charm swap in the art group I managed at the time. I didn't host the swap, but I sort of got it going. My art interest was in a lull at the time, and I did not do a very good job in my charms. In fact, some of them melted in transit. It was awful. But the charms and finished product here were cute. Over time some of my charms fell off or fell apart. I probably wasn't going to wear the bracelet ever again.
Then, I happened across Insanely Sweet Jewelry on Etsy. Talk about 'eye candy' or actual candy or candy jewelry! And, when I saw a Blythe or two in her work, I knew I had to write to see if she would fix up my old bracelet into a new one, salvaging my charms, and filling it full of good stuff.
Natascha Demers from New England responded graciously, and promptly fixed me right up. I'll definitely be wearing my new, improved bracelet (shown above) to Blythecon!


O. said...

oh wow! super cute overload!!!!!

Sandra said...

hello, I have a blog of blythe,
visit it if you can, thanks you :)