Monday, May 7, 2012

Meet Delilah Dala!

It's amazing what can be achieved with a stray scalp and body! Meet Delilah Dala, a beautiful ghostie girl by Blythe Stole My Heart (a.k.a. Aunt Maggie, if we're allowed to say!) I got the white mohair scalp secondhand on Blythe Kingdom. It was originally done by Moofala. It is a thick and gorgeous reroot. The head and body came from nearby Blythe friend Jenn. This was an unfinished, scalpless girl with two good sets of chips.
Our 'aunt Maggie' offered to take the parts and make a surprise girl. Boy, did she ever! Delilah is spectacular, with gently glittered pink lids and lips. She also has a pair of zombie chips and some interesting reddish-brown sparkle chips that work very well. Maggie did the pull charms, and I added the pink feathers from a pair of earrings.
In these photos, Delilah is wearing a Madeleine dress. Her friend is a Barbie afghan, gifted from Meester X. I think the hound looks like the actor Fabio, hence the name Fabio Dala. I guess it is now a boy dog wearing pink.
Their last name is a tribute to the customizer, her time in Scandinavia, and her time now at one of my favorite Scandinavian-style stores: Dala being a Swedish term for a type of sheep, and a style of Swedish folk art painted horse and other animals. When she once explained 'Dala' to me, I realized I had had a small painted wooden 'Dala' rooster ever since childhood.
Delilah doesn't look too spooky in pink, but maybe I will try to 'goth-her-up' next time we get dressed!

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BG said...

I think your DD has a beautiful face and I rather like her in pink, maybe because it's one of my very favourite colours. :)