Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter at Blythe Manor

No clever egg hunt photos taken here, as the ground was swathed in snow Saturday and some still hung around on Sunday along with chilly temps. So, the girls simply got dressed up. The bedding I completed over the weekend. I love the lace-y pillow shams, and I especially love them since I didn't have to sew to do them. My tutorial can be found on along with some other sneaky dollhouse tricks. I also added a second bed to the 5th floor while Lilly was out. Shhh! She doesn't know yet, and she'll be throwing a spoiled brat fit soon enough.
Tuesday was also naughty, jumping on the new bed and then hanging from the railings in her new Monkey suit- so appropriate!
Meanwhile, the other girls decided to go all classy. Maggy was thrilled to get to wear the carrot dress and purse from Auntie Angela, an art friend and now Blythe friend (her mention of ADD on her post makes perfect sense to me!). Her sewing is as exquisite as all her other art, and she's fun and funny, too!
Lilly put on the school girl dress from Gina Garan's TIB shop along with her Re-ment designer purse. I forget if this is the Marc Jacobs on or the D&G or? Speaking of Gina, THE other Gina: there was much chat about her on 3/17 on The show is archived and you can listen any time!
Jolene also has a TIB dress from SugarMag and Violet has a swap dress on that matches her eyes.
Some people ask which Blythe is one's mini me. I would have to say Lilly is my wannabe-me and/or is my daughter, Adrienne, while Violet is probably closest to looking like and being me. Tuesday and Zena are the wild children (wild in a good, pre-1960s way), and Jolene and Maggy are just nice girls who popped in with their unique hair and looks.
The girls are being kind of squirrely because they know there's only one dolly carrier bag here from Becca of Sew Pixie, and they wonder who is going to get in it to go to Myrtle Beach. Haven't decided but did promise that a different girl could go to Art & Soul, Hampton and someone else to the Castle in the Meadow ZNE event in Detroit. Thank goodness film doesn't have to be purchased anymore!!


Unknown said...

Love your BIY in the ZNEDolls! The girls look great all dressed up in their cute place. Glad you like your new blog banner!


Morgan said...

Did you buy an actual doll house or did you make that too?

Mya said...

Oh Gina,
Love what you did with the place especially the pillow cases, genious! I popped over to blog talk radio. How cool. Not sure I can tune in tonight for your doll talk since it is on california time. Your new banner is great.
I am still anxiously waiting for my doll.