Monday, March 17, 2008

Meet Zena!

This incredible girl arrived recently quite by surprise, or I guess I should say, by design. The sender, a dear, talented, Blythe-loving artist and on-line friend, whom I will get to meet soon, packed her up and sent her 'cross country.
Zena arrived quite politely, with her own bed and some wardrobe selections, including the fabulous vintage Skipper maxi dress she is wearing here.
If you are reading this, you may well be a Blythe lover, or even a Blythe-aholic, so you can imagine the gasping that accompanied the opening of that package. People just DO NOT send free Blythes. People DO NOT send mohair re-rooted customized Blythes for surprise gifts. Nice, big surprises like that just DO NOT happen.
But it did.
The story isn't that long, and it isn't even a "private" kind of thing; I'm just sort of keeping it to myself- not for fear that the giver will reconsider (or come to her senses!), but because it is just so nice and so special that it requires no shouting from the rooftops. I truly was speechless, and once I became (somewhat) convinced the sender was really (quite?) okay with this and actually intended to put her in the box with the bed and clothes and send them to me, I started to relax and rejoice in this new girl that I just really, really LOVE!
The blue hair is just as incredible as it looks, with eyes just as blue (in two shades, plus green and red) and blue eyelashes! Does anyone remember wearing Maybelline blue mascara in the 1970s? I do! Did anyone have this Skipper dress growing up? I did! Did I say I love this doll? I do!
I've thanked the giver a couple times, but how do you properly thank someone for such a surprise gesture? I don't know, but I am thrilled we will get to meet in person this summer! I think I'll take Zena along.


Tizzalicious said...

Wow, that's the nicest thing ever!

willynillywaterlily said...

Zena is gorgeous! Love her vibrant & wild hair!

Mya said...

Gina, Love Zena. I don't know if your email is not working but it cannot be accessed through your profile, it doesn't show up. Your message to me came through the posting you left. Thank you for all the helpful info. I hope I have my Blythe before vacation so I can take some beach pics with her. Are there clothes and shoes from dolls other than skipper that will fit the Blyhte dolls? I guess I didn't realize skipper is no longer made. How sad. Thanks again.

Morgan said...

Hi there! I saw your post on the TIB forum on the Michigan meet-up post. Then I came to your site and I think it is so cute/fun/fantastic! I live in West Michigan and I just ordered my first Blythe (Mod Molly). I am awaiting approval from Gina to join the forum.

Anyway - I wanted to say hello! and congrats! on your pretty new doll!


Morgan said...

I just set up a blythe blog at :)

thanks for the quick replies!