Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Moos and Meets

Well, that headline makes perfect sense to me! And, if you are a Blythe person or a Flickr person or a lover of Moo cards, then it probably does to you, too. If it doesn't, I'll try to get you up to speed. Moo cards are tiny little calling cards or business cards, about 1" x 3" that are made from portions of one's photos on Flickr. These cards are some of my Blythe photos. I also made some from photos of my artwork, and you can see those on my art blog. They're just fun little visual reminders, and you can have your email, blog address, Web site, etsy shop or Flickr name printed on the back. Then you swap them with other peeps, or enclose them with sales or whatever you want to do. Heck, you may even keep all 100 for yourself. One hundred different pics/cards for $19.99 isn't bad.
The next photo is Lilly London herself in a turquoise eyelet dress made by Polly on Etsy and gifted to us by Maggie (momoko_girl_1 on Flickr) during a recent Blythe meet at Panera. Maggie, who had just put in a busy weekend as food service director at her local Ikea, during a meatball sale no less, came out to meet me, so we could chat about all things Blythe. She brought me some lovely dresses! And she showed me her beautiful custom, Georgia Peach (with the curly dakr hair and freckles in the middle photo). Maggie did this herself, and I am so impressed! I'm thinking about sending my Maggy off to her for some work.
Maggie also brought Floss (pink mohair) and Angela (red hair). Floss is a dream, like spun sugar! And Angela is so sweet- reminds me of Angela (Gemini Angel Art).
Rupa (anime_fan) came and brought Zoe and little gifties also. She is a customizer herself and has an enormous collection, just like Maggie and their "neighbor girls," Samara and Iveta.
Sounds like we're ALL going to BlytheCon 2o09 in Atlanta. Yay!

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Tizzalicious said...

Sounds like a fun time!

I love the moo cards! :)