Sunday, May 23, 2010

The prettiest girlz in the world

I might be biased, but here are some of the prettiest Blythe girlz in the whole wide world. Charlotte, top, models the lovely statement necklace we received from Auntie Bryanna. Fawn, in her red Sally Jessy glasses, belongs to Aunt Maggie, but came for a recent visit. Molly models a darling Nippy Cat outfit that Auntie Iveta sent home with us, and Charlotte wears a vintage hanky dress with crocheted bodice that we swapped Aunt Maggie for. Same with the pink and grey NippyCat outfit on Joey. And the sweet sucker you can barely see is another treat from Bryanna. Some of the girls have their Lucky Blythe magazine and pen in hand, as Daisy has scheduled a "practice" autograph session at Blythe Manor.

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