Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Blythe Meet of Gigantic Proportions

Proportion would be the key word to the Blythe meet on Friday, May 21 in Baltimore, hosted by Maggie. You see, there were 72 (count 'em) Blythes present and only four humans. You do the math! And, if I tell you, the lovely and smart (PhD candidate) Samara only brought four, that makes the math even more incredible.
And these were just the Blythes that were assembled! Yes, my baker's dozen are there, but as for the rest, well, ask Aunties Maggie and Iveta! Maggie's living room is an awesome display of an awesome doll collection, including Momoko, Fashion Royalty, collectible and vintage Barbie and Friends, Wonderfrogs, Dal, Petena, Generation Girls, Top Model, Madame Alexander and too many more to name (or remember).
Maggie was a great hostess, of course, and we noshed on pizza and Pepperidge Farm cookies while Maggie's fur family, namely Ruby Elizabeth and the cats kept us entertained. There was much swapping and gifting and conspiring about future dolly fantasies. Blythe meets are my favorite R&R!


Anonymous said...

I have just discovered your blog, and I find it adorable! I love the Blythe Manor! I absolutely love it! I really would like one but first you must tell me where you buy blythes! I love them and would love to start collecting them and make my own blyhte manor! Also can you get hello kitty ones? Please reply soon. I am following comments so u just have to reply on here and I wil see it. Thanks, Roxy.

Gina M Smith said...

Hi Roxy-- You can buy Blythe dolls on Ebay- they are made by Takara Tomy, the Asian licensee of Hasbro. Kenner sold the line to Hasbro in the 1970s. In America, the licensee is Ashton Drake Galleries (ADG) and they are sold at Gina Garan, the person who single-handedly resurrected Blythe in the year 2000 or so also sells some new dolls at There is much Hello Kitty for them. There is also a Hello Kitty Blythe called Ribbonetta Wish, and there is a Hello Kitty outfit with a big kitty head also. There are also mini Blythes, called Petites, which are about 3" tall. Regular Blythes are the size of a Skipper body with a big head. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Why thank you for your help! I will check out the sites you suggested. I am quite intrested in the hello kitty blythe actually.

Noemí said...

congratulations for your 72 blythe!!

I only have ONE blythe and ONE cce doll