Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday at Blythe Manor, From Groovy to Classic and Somewhere In Between

At top Virginia is feeling groovy in her reproduction vintage Becky emsemble with a yellow Barbie/Kayla bag that is too perfect 'fur' words. I might possibly have looked like this in the 70s. There was a period in sixth grade where I tried to dress like a cool hippie, but since I was 11, I probably just looked like your typical sixth grade nerd.
Below Virginia is Lilly, also a mini-me from the 70s. I did have long straight blond hair down-to-there, and I know I had a few fringed vests, and especially crocheted vests. Lilly is posing with her new 'Coach' bag from the talented Diana of La Boutique. Diana and her sister Janet have been doing haute doll fashions and Purse of the Month club for nearly five years to quench the designer hunger of fashion dolls everywhere. The detail and quality are just outstanding! On this Coach bag is a tiny authentic silver hangtag I saved from a recent Coach keyring of mine.
In the middle photo, Alice poses with La Boutique's Chanel shopper. Diana made it as a special order for me, and it even has a tiny Chanel wallet inside! Below Alice, Charlotte looks smashingly classic in her Plonsjeroze pink tweed set with a Juicy Couture bag from La Boutique. I was going to save that purse for my lavender-haired factory girl who should be here any day, but I just couldn't wait to show off this purse!
And lastly but not leastly, Buffy (yup, that's the name I decided upon) wears a darling garden party dress loaned to us by Auntie Iveta along with 'holy-grail-status' maryjanes and a Kate Spade or Coach style wicker purse. Do these girls have expensive taste or what? To answer that, look again at the top photo and Virginia's so-what?-had-to-have-it expression.

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