Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy! And RuiRui!

I've always said Blythe brings out the best in people and makes friends out of strangers, whether in-person, on-line or around the world. Little did I know when I missed a custom Blythe doll on E-bay, I would end up with a special one from the same customizer. Nor did I imagine the seller and I would become such good on-line friends.

The top two photos were taken by Rui after she finished the doll I know as Daisy. Rui used these photos to list Daisy for sale as she has done with many others. Her Flickr set of her custom jobs is so much fun to look at! I had thought I wanted a dark-haired girl, like the beloved Molli of Blythe fame (an Ebony) or like Rui's own Flickr icon, but I ended up falling for this redhead with the gorgeous lids, lashes and attitude!

Rui and I have corresponded a lot via Flickr, and when Daisy was chosen to appear on the cover of Lucky Blythe by Lexi, I knew I had to send Rui a copy of the magazine. Off it went to Japan for only 95 cents, and it turned up in less than a week! And lucky me, Rui surprised me in return with some miso soup mix, popular cosmetic blotting papers, pics of Daisy, and a mini-mag made by Rui. So nice of her! And so nice of her to create Daisy.

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