Thursday, June 24, 2010

These boots, umbrellas and raincoats were not made for walkin'. Just 4 lookin' cute!

Take it from the top, girlz! Polly, Molly, Bunny, Wednesday and Lilly.
And thanks to DollyMommy Sandy for my fab new blog design. (It needed it!) See her ad below right, which will take you to her shop. She also pointed me to Smitten Blog Design for cute little trims, and then I got on a roll looking around and still ended up going back to an old fave, Shabby Blogs. I can't believe how many free blog background sites there are now. No one need have a naked blog.


Kati said...

Hi! I'm happy I found your blog. You have cute girls. I'm a new Blythe collector. You can see my dolls on my blog:

Dollybird said...

Love the new look blog!

Your girls look very sweet all dressed up - esp the little red dress :)

Unknown said...

Hi Gina! I came by to check out how the banner looks and you picked the perfect background. Thanks so much for the shout out :) Your girls are sooo stylin'


felix and lily said...

i LOVE Molly's outfit!!

Anonymous said...

Love wednesdays Paul Frank tshirt! So cute! Also love your new blog design!