Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blythe Photo Contest Winners

Recently I hosted a celebrity look-alike photo contest in my Flickr group, Blythe in America. Some lovely prize donations came from Mama Lisa Designs, Gemini Angel's Art and Dolls, Pistachio Libby and Confettilexi. Entrants ranged from Bjork to the Doublemint Twins.
The winners are posted above. First runner-up was Amelia Earhart by daisyannesmile, and the grand prize winner was Sex and the City II by ellewoods2007. "Amelia" was also a big winner at Blythecon 2009, and her creator, Jessica, was also a winner, along with my Daisy in the recent Lucky Blythe Publishing cover girl contest. Jessica's Ice Rune Acadia was selected for the cover of Blythe Living. The Blythe mini-mags are published by Confettilexi. Here's another shot of her cover.
And then there's Lindsay...a great Blythe friend, and a photographer extraordinaire. And even though she has mad photo skills, it's probably her staging of the photos that attracts the most attention. Check out her other entries: Farrah and Monroe. And if you visit her photostream, check out her Blythe Opera series. This Flickr/Blythe installment soap opera and its star, Claudette, Lindsay's Darling Diva (double entendre-yes), are known to Blythe admirers around the globe.
Two deserving photo winners, I'd say.

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