Friday, August 27, 2010

It's a Mod, Mod, Mod world!

I wouldn't have it any other way. Mod. My favorite fashions. My favorite era. My favorite to wear when I can pull it off. And that's just it. I usually can't. So, much more fun to dress the Blythes and Barbies in vintage mod fashions.
At top, my Jane (right) wears her Skipper "Twice as Nice," while Maggie's Ava wears "Twice as Nice" in their more familiar color combo. This is an early 1970s Skipper felt dress and coat set. Next, Brigette looks pouty perfect in Skipper "Quick Change," a mod 1968 outfit that also came with a mini dress, tassel'd knee socks and ankle boots. I am on a quest for the socks. So, here I substituted some slouchy socks and mock Converse high-tops with floral lining.
And lastly, my gorgeous "flip" Francie is wearing her own "Tenterric," a pleated wonder I've had at least three times now: childhood, a Blythe phase a couple years ago, and now. This time I have the purse (not shown here), but need to find the bonnet thingy, stockings and squishy lime bow shoes. This dress, however, is pristine! Here, I have used the lime-y Fashion Avenue accessories pack to add hose (baggy), slingbacks, a chain purse and scarf.
A couple excellent reference sites to vintage fashions can be found here and here.

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