Monday, April 18, 2011

Blythe, and Barbie, and Petite Princess, Oh My!

The Blythes haven't even taken a back seat; they've just had to share my day with another new old obsession- three quarters scale Petite Princess Fantasy dollhouse furniture by Ideal (1964-65), a tin litho dollhouse, and Tomy and Renwal 1:12 scale furniture.

My newest project, started on vacation, has been re-acquiring pieces from my first childhood as well as finding just the right tin litho dollhouse to refurbish and decorate. The fun is going too fast though. I'm running out of room already.

It is amazing what supplies you can find for the dollhouse hobby. There are literally thousands of miniatures on-line, both handmade and mass produced and some very intricate. More to show later!

Got to get my beauty, I mean Blythe-y sleep! Big day tomorrow. Swapping two girlies with Jen for two new girlies. More on that soon, with photos, of course! Meanwhile, I have tons of vintage Barbie stuff and a Petite Blythe listed in my Ebay here. And I loaded up my Etsy shop today with vintage treasures, supplies and ephemera. Maybe you feel like shopping?!


Rosie Apples said...

I love the yellow kitchen!

reallifeminis said...

I love Petite Princess. Your bedroom looks incredible. I need to get my pieces out and set them up again.

reallifeminis said...

I love the bedroom. I must get my pieces out and set them up again.