Monday, August 18, 2008

Pink-Haired Girls Unite!

I received some pinky goodness in the mail today from the sweet Lindsey Taylor in our Blythe in America Back-to-School Summer Fun swap. As group administrator, I hosted the swap via Elfster, so "organized" is kind of a misleading term. Elfster has been getting rave reviews in the press as a Web site for organizing Secret Sister/Secret Santa-type swaps. Participant input their email address, and partners are assigned. Elfster handles the private sharing of addresses, favorites, wish lists, 'already haves,' etc., and players can also ask questions without revealing the surprise of which partner belongs to whom. So even though I hosted, I didn't know Linds 'had' me, even though I had her!
Maggy, above, is trying (and failing) to look cool in the great pink wig we received, as well as a darling dress made by French pants on etsy, other fun goodies, a purrfect card and a cute ponytail holder, which Maggy has converted to a tutu. Whatever makes your tutu twirl, right? Right! Thanks for a great swap!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gina Thank you for lovely comments love your etsy shop!!
xxoo Denise