Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fashion Forward: Blythecon 2011

The girls try on some new things we got second-hand in the Sundries sales on Blythe Kingdom. I must say re-sale for Blythe provides a lot more treasures than the ones I can find in any re-sale shops here. On the other hand, my favorite re-sale shop at home, Boutique Exchange, has tons of goodies and bargains, including a pair of Manolos (formerly mine) on sale now!
At top, Bunny tries to look nautical for the theme of Blythecon 2011, June 20 in Portland, OR., for which I've now registered. I think she might just look patriotic. We'll have to work on our seaside garb. The dress is by Crisapop, and the hat and purse are by TeenyWeeny Designs on Etsy. Bunny is an ADG Roaring Red with a bob wig on. Her face is by Blythe Stole My Heart, a.k.a. Auntie Maggie.
Purple Polly, custom by me, wears a deLupi Bad Bunny outfit, perfect with her crossed-eye chips! I am so proud of Polly. She was A LOT of work, especially for someone who didn't know what she was doing. I started a second custom but never finished. Sold her hair to Piparrot and her body to Phillaine.
Charlotte, my Urban Cowgirl, always looks appropriate. Here she has on a simple brown dress and riding boots. This girl has gorgeous, thick hair.
Lilly tried putting her hair up with chopsticks, which works well with her Asian-inspired outfit by Dolly Molly, always one of our favorite designers. Lilly's hair had been in a ponytail forever, and she informed me she wanted to start looking more glam, like "that Claudette," she said.
Finally, pink mohair Brigette wears a crocheted pocket dress by The Future, which we happened to buy from Brigette's prior mom. That's right, even the dolls come second-hand in the world of Blythe. Daisy wears a crocheted dress and hat by unknown makers.
Another fun fashion day at Blythe Manor. But, we're all wondering, will spring ever come?


Trish said...

Hi there, just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have found your awesome blog. I'm new to Blythe dolling, and am head over heals obcessed with them; I just got Raspberry Sorbet, and will soon add her to the ladies I photogrpah and blog about at my blog;
I will enjoy getting ideas from your terrific blog; keep up the great work, trish hillery

Minnie Kitchen said...

all of them look gorgeous!

dominique said...

thanks for the fashion show! Great designs there