Monday, March 28, 2011

It's a New Girl with a Love Gun

Don't know what to call her yet. Don't even know if she's staying. We have to bond. She just arrived this a.m. from France. First thing I did was give her a Pure Neemo flection body by Azone, on loan from Aunt Maggie for vacay photo fun.

Next up was doing something with her blank milky chips. I was going to remove them, but decided with her hair she is kind of zombie-like. So I painted red irises with black pupils on them. Not sure about that either, but with the plain chips there was definitely no one home.

This is also the first picture I've ever taken with my Love Gun from Atelier Matin. It was such a surprise gift, thanks to a little birdie named RuiRui, that I think I was too "got" to even use it. I know that sounds silly, but whatever. Anyway, it was perfect to wait for this girl. Thank you, Matin and Rui!

She is still nameless, although "Amelia" keeps popping up, or "Ame`lie," but I don't know how to pronounce that for sure. She could be "Sookie," as she is a Sookie-custom, which I got from Amloro (Amelie), who got her from Morgan Orton. So it is in the Blythe world.

She's going to Myrtle Beach with me, so we'll see what develops.


Minnie Kitchen said...

I love her hair!

dominique said...

if you want to pronounce amelie in the french way it sounds like these


she is really cute

Anonymous said...

Oh I jst love her oufit! And her hair! I definetly think you should call her Amelie though! Its the perfect name for her!