Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fashion fun and a Kittybomb outtake

The girls got changed, with some help from Aunt Maggie, and so of course had to be photographed! Tinkerbelle the Cat is always trying to help with everything. She investigates Phoebe's pose at top. Molly is sweet and pure all in white. Charlotte goes Boho in a handmade gift from Auntie Angela of a few years ago. (I think even before AA had ANY of her 75+ dolls).
Then there's Bunny the Cheerleader, Polly dressed by Maggie and looking cute, and then Lilly, Daisy, Cookie and Brigette in vintage, mostly Skipper. This is my Blythe family in total, after a little "reorganization."

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HoneyPudding said...

wow, amaazing blog and btw you have a LOT of dolls :)