Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mutiny narrowly avoided; girls get out of boxes finally.

Notice all the grumpy faces? In fact, everyone looks grumpy, even in their new outfits. The girls haven't been homeless, but they've still been living in boxes for the past month. I told them it was better than living under a rock, but they were pretty humorless.
At top Brigette and Polly get together. Polly has a dress loaned to us by Aunt Maggie, whom we miss terribly! The next three grouchbags are Poppy, Pixie and Cady. Pixie has a dress specially made for us by Pistachio Libby. Same for Daisy, below them, left. Next to Daisy is (we think) Mallory and then Sally.
Bottom, from left, are Charlotte and Sofia, both in Pistachio Libby, and then Lilly and Bunny.
The girls were glad to get some fresh air. They can't wait to see some of their old friends again soon, and Blythe sister Cookie will be back from her overhaul at Aunt Maggie's. Meanwhile, after a trip to Maryland for work and to see some dolly friends, I'm going to 'Aunt Libby's' around my birthday to get a sewing lesson. Fun!

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Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh they do look grouchy! Especially Poppy!!! LOL! What a face! Love seeing all your girls!