Friday, January 25, 2008

BIY-ing Now Underway on a Blog Near You

The lovely Chelise, Queen of ZNE and so much more, the above from a doodle by me, to serve as my icon as co-author of the ZNE Dollz blog, and my first bi-weekly Blythe it Yourself (BIY) article has now appeared.
Rather than re-running the whole thing here, hop on over to the blog for the Jan. 24 post, and you can get some tips on making tiny necklaces for your girls as well as status-y designer bag tags, as seen above. Afterall, most Blythe collectors don't take too long to reach the point where the girls have better clothes, purses and shoes than the owners. Guilty. Evidence photos posted soon.

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The Artful Eye said...

I don't know how I ever missed these dolls but they are something else. I have alot to find out about them. Thanks for making this fun site.