Friday, January 18, 2008

Girls! Sheesh, So Unpredictable!

Just when I was about to write again about how sweet Violet is, I caught her digging through Lilly's closet. And she came up with the sassiest outfit! I mean, a skull on her trucker hat and on her jumper (that's overall-like dress to you people across the pond who call sweaters jumpers)! C'mon, Violet, don't go all Goth on me!
But, I really can't blame her for giving as good as she gets because Lilly's been mostly like a spoiled brat since the new addition, and just yesterday ran to the mailbox ahead of everyone and swiped Violet's package from Singapore. You see when Violet arrived by way of Seattle, it seems her original stock outfits turned up in Singapore. So, her school uniform and trench coat (she is a French Trench afterall) just arrived from another Blythe mommy, and who should have to put them on immediately? Lilly, of course.
Meanwhile, they both left sweet Maggy to clean the house. Oh well, I am sure her Cinderella days are coming. And the demure outfit must have gotten Lilly to clean her room and make her bed, too. Meanwhile, Violet is talkin' trash on the cell phone. Oh dear!
All three girls may take to their beds in about two weeks when the Mondie comes. Oh dear, I forget, are girls worse in groups of three or four? Or does it just depend on how many boys are in the mix?

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JudyK said...

Your dolls are so cute! I use to think they were so ugly with the big heads but since have changed my mind. Your story and dolls and room sets are very cute.