Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's It All About, Blythie?

What IS it all about, Blythie? I am sure that is what you are asking yourself! Well, ask no more, and hop on over to ZNE Dollz http://www.znedolls.com/ for a new public blog, co-coordinated by me, for doll lovers of ALL kinds from Blythe to Momoko, ball-jointed dolls (BJD), dal, Dolfie, Pullip, vintage, china, paper, fabric, antique, ATC, stuffies and more.
ZNE Dollz is a public blog, affiliated with the ZNE Network (VariaZioNE) art group and ZNE Blogz. There will be bountiful information for an endless variety of dolls, doll makers and collectors, as well as interviews, reviews and a bi-weekly DIY/BIY column by me! Yay! Thanks to creator, founder and co-coordinator Chelise Stroud Hery of California for creating this lovely sub-header as well as the lovely blog in general! Dolls are HOT and so is our blog. Check it out. Please leave comments, questions, suggestions and feedback!


Unknown said...

I tried to go to the link and it came up as an error :(

willynillywaterlily said...

Oh, what a wonderful idea! I am sure this site will be a great hub for doll lovers. I bookmarked the site already.