Sunday, June 6, 2010

Full House: Blythe Manor

Now what do I do? That's my lament. Planning and decorating the twelve openings at Blythe Manor has been some fun that I'm a little sad that it is full. I could possibly squeeze in one more tower, but I don't want to get too eccentric or have my bedroom look too ridiculous. So maybe it's time to just enjoy The Manor by photographing some of the girlz actually IN it! And like a true minor OCD player, I just keep thinking: but I don't want to move anything and mess it up! We shall see.
Meanwhile, the Re-ment cleaning products and the orange 'pop' cubes from one of the older room sets make a perfect (and OCD?) finish to the laundry room. I couldn't be happier! I'm never far from my own Windex, Brillo, Comet, Bounty, Glade solid and heaven help us all if the pantry gets lows on toilet paper!
Welcome to Blythe Manor! Y'all sit a spell.


EmbellishYourself said...

Blythe Manor is spectacular! I think you could get away with another tower if you like :) I love it!

Dollybird said...

Wow! So much attention to detail. That represents some serious dolly shopping:)

As for worrying about becoming too eccentric...with a stable full of expensive Japanese dolls who happen to have their own exquisite dollhouse and a blog to chronicle it all..I think it may be too late :P

Unknown said...

That's AWESOME Gina!

intignia said...

In order for us to better appreciate all the hard work that went into creating your wonderful Blythe Manor could you please, please do shots of each individual room like you did with the laundry room. That would be great so we could see better all the little details. Thanks.

intignia said...

I would like to see more of your super Blythe Manor. You did some close-ups of the laundry room. Could you please, please do close-ups of each and every room in the manor. I'm getting old and can't see little details like I used to. Close-ups would help us better appreciate all the work you put into your manor because then we could see all the details.
Thank you.