Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Eyes Have It

This is what happens when one browses the The Is Blythe forum late into the night. If you try hard enough you will find a good dolly deal, especially at this time of year. People are wanting to buy, sell and trade to satisfy their Blythe habits with just the right dolls and accessories to feed their particular cravings.
As for me, I did not really plan to ever have more than two. It seemed nice. A pair. Sisters. Contrast. But then, this lovely violet-eyed, slightly customized French Trench appeared from SeattleBlythe at a sale price plus free shipping. I hemmed and hawed. I had been studying others. I had a Lounging Lovely on hold and denied my need. I thought a new Mod Molly would be cheap. I was looking at a V-Smash and I almost bought a Superior Skate Date. I told everyone 'No,' good deals or not. But, then late on a weekend night, there she was.
I love the eyes. I may name her Violet, but I am considering other names and taking suggestions. She should be here any day. Heaven knows she will already have plenty to wear! And the Blythe bathroom is in the works now, with a new Fashion Fever tub and a sink and toidy from Dirty Boots Samantha on the same dangerous TIB! I also have coming an FF desk set and an FF funky chair, so the house should be complete. My daughter suggested my DH build stairs, which is just so funny, as he doesn't even have tools! Of course, I could always put in a swimming pool....I wonder if there is medicine for this....


Anonymous said...

Hey Gina!

Oh my! You have a new girl! Ha ha. The addiction has taken hold! :)

French Trench is adorable. She has such a knowing and lovely look about her. What a fantastic new sister for Lilly and Maggy.

I like your suggestion of naming her violet. Seems perfect to me.

I've come to the conclusion that there really is no medicine for Blythe Fever. I stayed up until 4 am last night (even though I had a 10am physical therapy appt today) sewing for my girls. I'm blissfully obsessed, though.


Unknown said...

Gina to be honest with you NO other name would be suitable - VIOLET It has to be for this blythe girl (she is beautiful)