Friday, December 7, 2007

Lilly & Maggy get their own London Flat

Hooray, the girls finally found a decent apartment (in my office closet). It is an open concept and as the closet has never had doors anyway and has been open for office storage, this allows me to enjoy looking at them.
Target had an incredible Barbie dollhouse furniture fashion set for $20. I thought the large cardboard house would be their new home, but after all the furniture was cut loose, which took about an hour, it looked horrible. Thankfully, the closet presented itself.
The first floor is the kitchen, complete with fridge, stove, sink, microwave, mini flat screen tv, butcher block top cart and table and chairs. The crazy miniature artists at Re-Ment and Puchi have created such tiny items I would never want little kids to get ahold of them! There are coffee stirrers and makeup brushes barely bigger than a hair! Thanks to Miss Vicky of Cut-It-Up for swapping. She's having a fabulous Re-Ment event in store tomorrow in Cali.
Upstairs there is a combination living room and office. They have both a desktop computer and a laptop, because of course they both need computers. They also have a larger flat screen TV with remote as well as a cordless phone, in addition to their cell, a guitar and more. They also have two cats and a Yorkie. The Barbie house came with two more dogs and a cat, but that's just too many for a small apartment. Besides, they just their own little annoying Tickle Me Elmo.
We'll be working on figuring out a bedroom. They have sleeping bags, but I'm waiting on some furniture from Hong Kong as well as a closet, and then the interior decorating can start again.


ZNE said...

I blogged about ya on my dolly blog!

xoxo - Chel

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina!

Love the apartment for the girls! Isn't it so much fun?

I have been obsessed with buying Re-ment by the case (so that I can get all the sets in a series). My husband hears, "OMG, how cute is this?" for literally 45 minutes while I open every box. :)

Let's do a personal swap! :) I'll Flickrmail you with my personal information.


C. said...
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