Sunday, March 28, 2010

Caveat emptor: before and (almost) after

So I got the crazy idea I wanted a Blythe with pink hair. Pink mohair, specifically. Not only should you be careful what you wish for, but one should read the fine print of everything and thoroughly check out a seller. I should know this, although I have never had a BDD, or bad dolly deal.

However, this "Blythe" arrived looking bad, and she got scarier by the minute. She looked nothing like her cute Flickr pic and did not arrive with the milky chips that caught my eye. What she did arrive with, for starters, was stock orange chips painted over with a marker, which started to wipe off, and a horrific mismatched pink pair, as well as a long neck and wobbly head, no screws...I could go on. I knew she was a CCE doll (Color Changing Eyes doll, Blythe knock-off like Blybe or Basaak), and I knew I wasn't getting the Pure Neemo flexion body, but still! However, as you can see, Joey/Pheisty came to the rescue (this is her picture), and she's done amazing things already.

I am eager to see the end result. Thank goodness for (new) Blythe friends! So, the freaky doll I waited a month for originally, who was going to be named Pookie, and who we've been calling Pinky, will now be known quite honorably as Joey. A big improvement all the way around.


Bryanna Lenan said...

Yikes... wow she was scary!! EEK... but she is looking much better!! xo Bryanna

Dollybird said...

Oh my! I think I saw that girl for sale and wondered who on earth would buy her as she appeared ruined beyond repair. I really did think that she was bound for landfill. I hope you got a very good deal as she obviously needed a lot of work. That Pheisty is amazing - I cannot believe that she could be salvaged at all, much less come out looking so stunning!