Wednesday, March 10, 2010

School girls, mohair and idle hands

Molly is looking all proper in vintage Skipper while Alice also looks proper, since she is in an 'Alice' dress: an Alice in Wonderland goody from Aunt Maggie. (Still haven't seen the darn movie!)
Meanwhile, from left, Virginia, Bunny, Charlotte and Daisy have a little attitude as school girls. Wonder if they would get kicked out? Dresses from TIB, Ebay and Charlotte's blue and green plaid is by LaCrafi, such detailed, fine work she does!
Lastly, Maggy, who has always been rather dull (sorry, Maggy) as an ADG PP, got a little facelift by me. I did one set of eyechips, and since they seem so difficult to get out of an ADG, I gave up and started messing with her face. I was working on another pitiful soul anyway, so I decided Maggy needed some eyeliner and one thing led to another. Then she got freckles and repainted lips. I had no idea what I was doing. Still don't, but I kind of like her.

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